The rules for joining

These rules are there to make sure only quality sites are added to Abandoned Places.

The Quality rules are by definition subjective, and we try to be as fair as possible.

General Rules
  1. Your site may not contain downloads that are currently legally for sale or otherwise available publically (freeware, etc.). Messages that state abandonware is legal is also not allowed.
  2. Your site may not contain any form of pornographic contents. Linking to clearly pornographic sites is also prohibited.
  3. Your site must link back to our main page. Removing the link after joining is reason for immediate removal.
  4. Abandoned Places reserves the right to remove your site at any given time, for any reason. The site's webmaster will be contacted about why.
  5. If your site serves the same purpose as AP, you cannot join.
  6. AP can only accept English language sites, or sites that offer English as one of multiple languages.
Quality Rules
  1. Popups or otherwise annoying ads are reason for rejection.
  2. Reviews and screenshots are a must for any quality site. At least 50% of the games on your site should have reviews. Screenshots are considered a good bonus.

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