About Abandoned Places

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Abandoned Places, AP, Aplaces, is a 'webring'. This old concept used to be popular so that sites would become more visible and discoverable. Nowadays, with google, that's less of a primary function. Nowadays, they're more used as a central place to find updates on sites that are linked from there.

Abandoned Places was first established somewhere in 1998 by the venerable John Gotti, esq. and later, in October 2000, restarted by the aforementioned John Gotti, esq. and his then cohort, sir Voh the third. After running AP for years, together with some very amazing people (Bunny, Knyght, Chango, ZheBuff, anti, and more), he handed over the reigns to someone with more energy left to keep things going: Rik.

And that brings us here. AP version X. Because it was time.

And because APv9 was so old it wouldn't run on supported PHP versions anymore.