AP rules

These rules are there to make sure only quality sites are added to Abandoned Places.

The Quality rules are by definition subjective, and we try to be as fair as possible.

1: General Rules

1.1 Your site may not contain any form of warez, old or new. All the downloads on your site should be abandoned by the original copyright holders (no longer being sold and supported), or otherwise be legal to share (freeware).
1.2 Your site may not contain any form of pornographic contents. Linking to clearly pornographic sites is also prohibited.
1.3 Your site may not have a message saying that abandonware is legal. It is illegal and will be for the coming century.
1.4 Your site must have one of our buttons on the main page which links back to us at our current domain. Removing the button/link after joining is reason for immediate removal.
1.5 Your site may not force visitors to click sponsors, or vote for you on top sites.
1.6 Abandoned Places is not, in any possible way, responsible for the contents of it's members' sites. If you have problems with any of our members, take it up with them.
1.7 Abandoned Places reserves the right to remove your site at any given time, for any reason. The site's webmaster will be contacted about the reason.
1.8 If your site is a webring dedicated to the same goals as Abandoned Places, you cannot join.
1.9 Abandoned Places currently accepts only sites in English due to limits in crew.
1.10 Ports do not count as a seperate game. If you have a PC and Mac version of one game, it's still one game.
1.11 Linkstealing is one of the worst cases of disrespect for other's hard work there is and we will NOT allow it.

2: Quality Rules

2.1 If your site has an unhealthy amount of popups or ads, your site probably won't be accepted.
2.2 Reviews and screenshots are a must for any good quality abandonware site. If your site has no screenshots or reviews whatsoever, you won't be added. If you only offer screenshots, you won't be added, but if you only have reviews you will. Mind you, we don't require you to review/have screenshots of all your games, just have more than half of your content reviewed.