About Abandoned Places

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Abandoned Places, or simply AP or Aplaces, is a webring. Not the traditional kind where you basically have a ring where you click next until you end up at the same crummy place, but more like a meeting point.

Our members link to us, and we link back to our members. If you see the AP button on a website, simply click it to find more quality websites like the one you just came from for more gamey goodness. We're here to make things easier for you. So shut the hell up and click those links!

Oh, and for the history of this place, here's a little tid-bit.

Abandoned Places was first established somewhere in 1998, or 1999 by the venerable John Gotti, esq. and later, in October 2000, restarted by the aforementioned John Gotti, esq. and his then co-hort, sir Voh the third.

Throwing all that crap out the window, here's me saying hello. Voh likes Abandoned Places. Actually, he hates them, but he likes this specific one. It was founded in 2000, and had an almost un-damaged run until mid-2004, when it was closed down due to time-restraints. It's back now, however!

If that's confusing, come to #oldgames on EFnet IRC and ask for the list of people who worked on AP. It's about 15-20 names long, and some are even lurking there!

Go see our members, because AP'd never exist without them!