Guess who's back

posted 20/07/2014 by Rik

Hi there.

We start with a blast from the past.

For a while the status of Home of the Underdogs has been uncertain to say the least. But it seems they're on the way back. An update reads:

"I was observing for a long time how the community was still hanging around, regardless of my laziness and negligence. And finally I gave up, you do want HotU to exist and you do want it to grow, so let it be your stubborn way :)

Since you really love it that much, let's bring HotU to its former glory (or at least make it fully functional again)."

Just Games Retro added reviews of Startropics for NES and Operation Logic Bomb for the SNES.

The update at The Good Old Days includes coverage of Scenario: Theatre of War and Fairlight: A Prelude.

And that's it for now.

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